Saturday, January 14, 2012

product review: pretty nails instant polish remover

When I went home for Christmas break, I didn't bring any nail polish remover with me. So I decided to buy some. I was looking for a small bottle, since I just wanted it for the month that I was at home. I ended up buying pretty nails instant polish remover. The "instant" part intrigued me. ;)

The container holds a sponge, which is soaked in nail polish remover. You stick your finger into the sponge, and twist it around a bit to get all the polish off. 

I first used it to remove some glitter polish, which is notorious for being difficult to remove. At first, I was annoyed because the polish was not coming off instantly as advertised and I wasn't sure if I was doing everything right. However, the glitter was removed a lot quicker than with normal polish remover. 

The next time I used it, I was much more happy with the results. My polish came off super quickly! I figured out that the best way to use this polish remover is to put a finger in and twist it, then use a tissue to dry the finger and to wipe off any remaining bits of polish.

I really like this type of polish remover. Even though it takes more time to remove glitter polish, this type of remover is still way more efficient and easy to use than regular liquid polish remover. I can't remember the exact price of this bottle, but it wasn't more than two or three dollars. I would definitely recommend pretty nails instant polish remover.

I was not paid to write this review, nor am I affiliated in any way with this product or the company that produces it.



  1. I feel strangely feminine after reading this entry. I saw the title; I knew that it was about nail polish. Why did I continue on reading it? What kind of guy does that?