Saturday, October 25, 2014

21 before 22!

With another October, comes another birthday...and with another birthday, comes another list of goals to be completed in the coming year. I didn't do too badly on last year's list and I'm feeling pretty good about this year!

  1. design and make a piece of clothing
  2. apply to grad schools, specifically Roberts Wesleyan
  3. work on a graphic novel
  4. try out 5 new hairstyles
  5. blog at least once a week
  6. write poetry
  7. make a cheesecake
  8. paint a mural
  9. start learning yoga
  10. get a tattoo
  11. learn more about photography
  12. twitter
  13. get artist website completed
  14. make 20 sales on society6
  15. enter at least 5 art competitions
  16. develop and create art for my senior show
  17. explore Chicago and have a blast!
  18. learn some basics of film making
  19. improve my watercolor painting skills
  20. graduate with my Bachelor’s
  21. finish my Arwen dress

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I can't stop listening to...

Restless, by Gordon Lightfoot.

gordon lightfoot by Bridget F. Rowe on Grooveshark

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for folk music. I remember my first exposure to Gordon Lightfoot was when my father received a Gordon Lightfoot CD for his birthday many years ago. I love his voice and the lyrics to his songs. This one definitely rings true in my life! Who else knows that restless feeling that Lightfoot (haha, what a perfect name!) is talking about?